The 107 is a registered USA Archery Adult and Junior Archery Club base in Salt Lake City, Utah. We meet at the DATUS Archery Club indoor facility every Thursday evening. Shooting begins at 7:00 pm and all types of equipment and shooting styles are welcome.

The 107 yearly dues are $25. If you want to participate in the Junior Olympic or Adult Development Achievement Pin program you must be a member of USA Archery. There is a $10 fee for the lanyard (to hold all your pins) and the first pin. Each additional achievement pin is $5.

During the summer we shoot one day a month at the Easton Foundation Archery Center, where you can earn your outdoor achievement pins. The Easton Archery Center collects a $15 fee and we have exclusive use of the metric outdoor range for up to 4 hours. We shoot World Archery Outdoor Target distances based on the shooter age and equipment type.

Club Administrator: Brad Hull, USA Archery Level 3 Coach

Club Administrator: Karen Romrell, USA Archery Level 2 Judge

Club Coach: Jay Barrs, OLY